About the Boat and Me:

What does D25 stand for?
December 25
th of course.

What kind of boat is that?
A Carib Dory circa 1982. It can be rigged for sailing, rowing or with an outboard motor. It’s a great utility boat for the bay. Its LOA is 11 feet.

What do you use for propulsion?
A 5 HP Nissan Marine outboard (NSF5A) and a paddle when that doesn’t work.

How do you power all the lights?
A Honda EU2000i generator provides 2KW peak power for the lights. In 2005 I introduced twin Honda EU2000i generators providing twice the power (4KW). That’s about 33 amps of 120 Volt AC power.

What safety measures do you implement?
I use GFCIs (ground fault circuit interrupters) to help protect me from the electricity I generate and use aboard the boat should water and the conductors accidentally meet.

An automatic bilge pump helps bail me out of wet situations.

I’m a member in good standing of the USPS a safe boating organization. In fact I teach some of the courses offered by the Balboa Squadron.

The required USCG safety equipment for Class A vessels (less than 16’) is always aboard the boat.

What animation & special effects do you use?
Two D25 signature effects are:
A masthead rotating strobe (color can be changed for the current design)
An automobile classic ‘AH-OO-GA’ horn

Other effects used from time to time include:
Fog Machine (introduced in 2005)
Simulated flames & coals in fireplace (2005 design)
Chasing rope light (2006 design)
Computerized Light Controllers (introduced in 2008)

How do your computer controlled lights work?
I use Light-O-Rama (LOR) controllers (CTB16PC, CMB-16D, and DC-MP3-SHOWTIME) available from Light-O-Rama in South Glens Falls, NY. These microprocessor based controllers are programmed using the LOR II software package. Visit
Light-O-Rama (http://www.lightorama.com) for more info.

Reyn Spooner produced a fabric design titled 'Holiday Parade' in 2008 that featured images from the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade and Ring of Lights. The release of this shirt coincides with the 100th anniversary of the parade. The garments made with the commerative fabric have been very popular with yacht clubs and sailors. Since Reyn's produces only a limited quantity of shirts for each fabric design if you see a shirt in the store and you like it, it's time to get it! Visit Reyn's (http://www.reyns.com) for more info.

Did I see you on TV?
D25 was featured in “More Crazy Christmas Lights” on The Learning Channel (TLC). The hour long documentary premiered on December 8, 2007. Check your local listings for showtimes this year.

Is that D25 on a Reyn Spooner shirt?
Reyn Spooner Holiday Parade 2008 features images from the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade and Ring of Lights.

What kind of sound system do you use?
Prior to 2006 it was just my voice. In 2006 I introduced a 150W Hilton sound system with wireless mike. I blew it up the first night out so it didnít really help prevent post parade hoarseness in 2006. I repaired it but in 2007 I blew out the speaker again on the last night. For 2008 I've changed to more robust speaker system from Hilton. Keep your fingers crossed with me.

New Scan-20061129171626-00011

I'd love to visit and tell you some fascinating stories about me but I've got to go down to the boat dock and get D25 ready for December 17, 2008.